A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Using Marijuana Vaporizers

Marijuana is one of the most popular herbs in the world and millions of people smoke it on a daily basis. With that being said, the effects of weed can be amazing, but the way that you smoke it could cause an ample amount of damage to your health and well-being. This is why more and more smokers are beginning to turn to cannabis vaporizers or vape pens. If you are tired of the smell and unhealthy nature of smoking joints and blunts, below is a comprehensive guide for beginner’s to weed vaporizers.


The Benefits of Weed Vaporizers

The first thing to take into consideration are the benefits associated with marijuana vaporizers. The most important thing to take into consideration is the fact that you will be eliminating the need for smoke. Instead, your vaporizer will create a vapor that is filled with heated marijuana instead of burning buds. You won’t need to smoke any of the carcinogens that are generally associated with burning the weed.

Marijuana vaporizers are also incredibly useful as they’re portable and convenient. Whether you want to have desktop vaporizers, handheld vaporizers, or even vapor pens, the options are relatively endless. This means that you can enjoy your bud anywhere without having to worry about having papers or a bong readily available for your use.

Porcelain and Glass

Much like you would shop for a pipe, it is important to consider the material that your vape pen is made out of. When you look at less expensive brands, they may be made with lower quality materials such as aluminum or plastic. Although they may be inexpensive, they don’t give you the best amount of vapor output. Instead, you should consider using a vape pen or desktop vaporizer that is constructed out of porcelain or glass.


Using the Vaporizer

Every vaporizer is different so giving a general instruction guide is relatively impossible. Generally when you make the purchase, your vape pens or tabletop vaporizers will come with instructions. Or you could always ask a professional that works at the shop that you bought it from. With that being said, there are a few tips that you can use in order to make sure that you achieve the highest level of output with your vaporizer.

Tip 1: Small Bits of Weed

When you begin packing the vape pen or haze vaporizer, make sure that you use small chunks of herb. This is because the majority of vaporizers do not produce the best quality vapor when there are big pieces being dehydrated.

Tip 2: Grinding Time

One of the most important things to take into consideration is the amount of time that it takes for grinding. Each model is different, therefore refer to the instructions to figure out the grinding time of your device.

Tip 3: When the Bud is Done

The best way to know when it’s time to add more buds to your vaporizer is when there isn’t any more vapor production. This means that all of the beneficial compounds have been used and you need to re-pack.

Learn About the 3 Types of Material for Portable Vaporizers

There are many portable vaporizers on the market that are designed to work with any kind of concentrate, and some can even handle dry herbs as well. The problem with this all-in-one approach is that while handheld vaporizers can be designed to do everything, they usually sacrifice the ability to do one type of vaping really well. There are a few desktop vaporizers that can deliver great vapor no matter what you put in them, but the miniaturization necessary to produce truly portable vaporizers makes it almost impossible to handle even two types of concentrates well. If you try to use the wrong kind of concentrate in vapor pens that aren’t’ designed to handle it, you can end up with a bad experience, and you could even damage your vape pen permanently. It’s worth your while to understand the three main types of concentrates for portable vaporizers so you can choose between vaporizer pens with authority.

Dry Herbs

Using herbs for medicine, meditation, and relaxation is as old as mankind. Tobacco was a big part of Native American culture, and it became a sensation with the Europeans that brought it back with them from North and South America. Now dry herb vaporizers are making it possible to get all the beneficial effects from herbs without the unpleasant and unhealthy effects of inhaling smoke.

There are hundreds of different herbs suitable for mediation and relaxation, and many more with true medicinal power. For the most part, they’re all turned into vapor at the same temperature and in the same way, so you’ll be able to use many types of herbal vaporizers no matter what herbs you prefer. Herbs for aromatherapy are produced by harvesting the flowers and leaves of the desired plant, which are dried and then either crushed, chopped, or ground to prepare them for use in dry herb vaporizers.

Some of the most popular herbs for meditation are Artemisia Vulgaris, Lavender, Spearmint, Scotch Broom, and Passion Vine. Other herbs for use in herbal vaporizers that help with relaxation include Artemisia Absinthium, Sage, Kanna, Star of Bethlehem, and Tagetes. For medicinal purposes, marijuana delivered in dry herb vaporizers is the best way to get all its benefits without any of the drawbacks of smoking.

If you have a green thumb, you can even grow your own herbs for use in your dry herb vaporizers, and anyone can learn to identify and collect herbs if they grow wild in your area, although they can be of varying quality if they’re wild.

Vape Oil

Vape oil is also known as e-liquids, vape juice, and e-juice. No matter what you call it, it’s far and away the most popular concentrate for use in vaporizer pens. It has only a few simple ingredients. Most blends are made with food grade flavors mixed in to food grade glycerin, and sometimes propylene glycol or polyethylene glycol. The glycerin is the carrier for the flavoring, and dilutes it for the best flavor and performance. The glycols are mostly for tinkering with the amount and richness of the vapor produced.

Many users of vapor pens are substituting vaping for cigarette smoking. Vaping is a great way to get the benefits of nicotine without the unpleasantness and the bad health effects of smoke. Nicotine is an option for almost all vape oils, and the amount of nicotine in the oil can be varied. Nicotine used in vape oil is pharmaceutical grade concentrate. Densities over 21mg/ml can be purchased, but they need to be approached with caution.

Waxes and Gels

Instead of a liquid, many users prefer to handle waxes and gels. Waxy oils for use in handheld vaporizers are pure, concentrated forms of the same flavors and active ingredients in vape oils and herbs. These waxes let smokers enjoy the same benefits as other forms while using much less material. Vape pens that use waxes allow vapers to carry fewer accessories with their pens during the day while still getting the same mount of vapor.

Match the Device to the Concentrate You Prefer

While users might swear by one type or another, these concentrates are more about convenience than any other feature. It’s only important to match the material you like to use to the type of portable vaporizers you purchase to get the most benefit from your vaping sessions.

Top Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Top Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Let us face it – smoking is an addiction with which millions of people struggle to cope with all over the world. It is not easy to control the cravings especially when you face extreme stress and tension. However, electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes can help you out during tough times without causing harmful side effects as in the case of real ones.

vaporite_budy_pen_platinum_oil_configuration__02671.1405324358.1280.1280Let us face it

There are numerous benefits offered by e-cigarettes such as:


Did you know that cigarettes have been cited as one of the top causes of fire-related deaths in the world? Normally, you use an open flame to ignite the cigarette, which can lead to fatal accidents. It has been stated that fires lit by cigarettes make up about 10% of deaths by fire worldwide! E-cigs are much safer in this aspect because they are battery operated and you don’t need a fire source to light it up. Nowadays, most e-cigs are incorporated with mechanical mods or box mod vaporizers that help to produce smoke-like vapor so you can get the feel of a traditional cigarette.

Healthier Option

E-cigarettes are much healthier because you are not inhaling nicotine and other toxic substances. When you use traditional cigarettes, it puts you at huge risk for different types of cancer and other cardiovascular problems. It is not directly related to Alzheimer’s disease but has been known to be a passive factor that leads to the dreaded condition. The nicotine present in the e-cigs is vaporized by box mod vaporizers or mini box mods as they are more popularly known these days. It just seems like a real cigarette with an LED resembling the light, but without the accompanying health issues.


Traditional cigarettes have a distinct smell that can defeat the best of perfumes and deodorants! Even if someone is a non-smoker, they might come in contact with cigarette smoke and it will cling to their clothes and hair for hours. The burning of tobacco and chemicals is what makes the cigarette smell so unpleasant. But e-cigs vaporize the substances inside, so there is no smell emitted along with the smoke.


Consider the amount of money spent in buying cigarette packs every time you finish one and compare it with the cost of replacing the box mod vaporizers. You will reach the conclusion that the latter is way cheaper.

Thus you can see why electronic cigarettes are the better option as compared to traditional ones. Not only do you get to enjoy the feel of a smoke but you don’t have to endanger your health at the same time.

Why Dry Herb Vaporizers Are Having Such A Big Impact

Dry herb vaporizers have successfully mimicked the appearance and the delivery system of traditional marijuana paraphernalia such as pipes, bongs, and paper. It has likewise cut into the significant consumer market of conventional marijuana products as evidenced by the impressive switch from the use of old-school paraphernalia to the use of vaporizers.

Manufacturers of vaporizers as well as electronic cigarettes are extremely inspired and motivated by the high level of success that new-age smoking devices have achieved that they are continuously introducing cutting-edge innovations as well as improvements in their vaporizers and accessories offerings.


There are of course different motivations as to why weed smokers are now turning to the use of vaporizers. Despite this fact, there are of course common reasons for the success of vaporizers in the mainstream market:



  • Easy to use


Manufacturers of portable vaporizers and vape pens have intentionally designed their devices to be simplistic and extremely easy to use. The idea was not to stray too far away from the operation of a conventional joint, which was as simple as putting it in your mouth, lighting it up with a match or lighter, and then puffing and exhaling. In fact, the simplicity of a conventional joint has contributed to furthering it as an extremely satisfying habit.


To maintain the same type of simplicity with dry herb vaporizers, manufacturers have limited the number of components to two or three at the most. Vapers would simply twist the components into place, turn on the device by pressing a button, and puffing to produce vapor. In some models, the button is eliminated and replaced by a sensor chip to detect the puffing action of vapers. This further simplified the use of vape pens, which contributed to its success.


  • Better than conventional mode of smoking herbs


At this point, the benefits from vaporizers are almost not debatable. One of the biggest benefits that many manufacturers and vapers claim about vaporizers is its crucial health aspect. It has been perceived that unlike conventional joints that contain numerous carcinogens and toxic chemicals in its smoke, the vapor-like mist created by vaporizers such as Atmos Raw, contain harmless water, food coloring, and natural ingredients too.


Since there is no smoke produced, using a dry herb vaporizer does not constitute danger to the health of people around you. Because the device works with battery power the use of a match or lighter has also been eliminated. This means that there is lesser tendency for fires, especially when you consider that it is not lighted.


Another factor where vaporizers are better than conventional smoking paraphernalia is in the area of pricing. Because electronic cigarettes are reusable, the cost per smoke is significantly lower. This holds true even when buying disposable vaporizer variants. The wide array of designs and colors also give more value to the money that you spend, something that has contributed to the success of electronic cigarettes in the consumer market.

These are just some of the reasons why vaporizers have reached considerable success in the consumer market. If you’re interested in purchasing one, you can find dry herb vaporizers for sale here.

Factors to Consider when Shopping for a Vaporizer Online

This vaporizer review is actually focused on the various issues that surround portable vaporizers. It is important to clarify early on that vaporizers feature a double function in that it can be used for liquid formulations as well as dry herb mixes as well.This helps to avoid confusion among new vapers early on to ensure that they are reading the right references. After all, one of the primary reasons people read reviews is to get appropriate information to make an educated decision.


Since herbal vaporizer popularity is at an all-time high(no pun intended) right now, there are numerous reviews being compiled to help vapors make decisions on existing and upcoming products. There are several vaporizer brands in the market today, and getting accurate and updated information is completely essential to assure excellent value for money. To ensure that a vaporizer review can be more functional to vapors, it would be ideal if it can discuss vital issues such as:


  1. Vaping experience

For herbal vaporizers, talking about vaping experience is actually synonymous to customer satisfaction in terms of produc tperformance. To gauge the performance of vapor cigarettes, there has to be some metrics used that will apply to all brands being sold. Considering that one of the goals of vaporizers is to replicate the smoking experience, one of the best metrics to judge the overall vaping experience would have to be vapor production.


In traditional smoking (tobacco and herb), this is the equivalent of tobacco smoke that is exhaled by smokers and can affect the health of people around them. It is normally characterized as thick with powerful odors. Therefore, a vaporizer review should have a comparison between the thickness of smoke = and vapor. It should also be explicitly stated if the vapor produced has remained odorless as it should be.


The vaping experience should likewise touch on the availability of flavors. The common flavors would definitely be tobacco and menthol, which are similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, manufacturers that can produce a variety of tobacco and menthol flavors definitely deserve special mention.


  1. Product appearance

Another one of the issues that a vaporizer review should discuss would definitely have to be product appearance. The visual effect of vaporizers contributes a lot to the buying preference of vapors. Taking this into account, the packaging and design of a vapor cigarette should be tackled by a review to give vapors accurate information on the number of total jacket options available. This refers to the battery colors being sold in the market.


Product appearance must also take into account the design of vaporizers. For those who are to primarily use vape pens for herbal blends, one greatest concern is design and discretion. The vape pen design should ideally be similar to that of your usual e-cigarette.


  1. User convenience

It should be clarified that user convenience does not mean the easy availability of vapor cigarettes. Rather, it takes into consideration the battery as the main power source of the device. This means that for vaping experience, the more charging options available, the more convenient the device becomes to the vapor. There is no question that there will not even be a vaping experience to discuss if the battery does not carry a charge.


The most common charging option would have to be the wall charger. This allows vapors to connect their device to the wall charger and plug it into the conventional electrical socket in our homes or offices. The vapor cigarette review should also touch on the use of car chargers and USB chargers.


USB chargers on the other hand is one of the more appreciated charging options because normally, not only will the USB chargers allow charging of electronic cigarettes using the USB port of computers, but some are even designed to give vapors the option to use the device while it is plugged into the USB port. This is an advantage that must really be covered to some extent by reviews.


These are three equally important issues that a vaporizer review should discuss to give vapors better appreciation of their vaping experience.

Vape Pen Reviews – Top Three of the Best One Available Nowaday

Want to know which vape pen to invest in this 2014? If such is the case, then make sure that you get to know the top 3 brands considered to be the most worthy players in the industry of vaping nowadays.

Atmos Raw – The Number One Dry Herb Vape Pen in the Market Today

Even if you look for other reviews about the best pen-style vaporizers, you will still get the same information: the Atmos Raw (AtmosRx RAW Vaporizer) is definitely the number one dry herb pen-style vaporizer (it can also be used for glycerine and concentrates, by the way) currently being sold. In fact, many will tell you that they would never have thought of testing and trying out a pen that will make them give a perfect score. This has not happened until the release of the Atmos Raw.

This particular pen vape brand has the easiest pull, the clearest taste, and needs the shortest time to release and produce great vapors. One of its greatest features is that it can be used not only for flowers, but also for concentrates – without you even having to change the device’s tank. The only thing that we can find criticizing is that its power button is a little too hard to find. Other than that, we love everything about this pen-style vaporizer.

  • Materials – Aluminum, Stainless Steel


  • Heating Component – Stainless Steel Coil, 375° to 450° Fahrenheit


  • Can Be Used With – Flowers, Glycerin, Concentrates

ThermoVape – Second Placer, But Great Nonetheless

The first thing that we want to comment on when it comes to Thermo Essence’s ThermoVape is that it comes with a multitude of various attachments in a wide array of kit variations. This has made us quite confused, but fortunately, since all of the variations are just based on a sole battery and body unit and have been manufactured using the same materials, we had the chance to review it with the same set of stats. All of the vape pen kits from this brand features a single base unit together with batteries, adapters, and chargers.

  • Materials – Aerospace-grade Aluminum (Cold-Finished and available in White and Black), Lead-Free and Nickel-Plated Brass, Delrin Plastic Polymer that has been Approved by the FDA


  • Heating Component – Wire, Aluminum and Brass Housing Ceramic,420° Fahrenheit


  • Can Be Used With –T1, Evolution (Flowers), Revolution (concentrates), Glycerin

G-Pen – Great Pulls, Smooth Hits

The G Pen, which is from Grenco Science, is a standard pen vape. However, its parts and components are not interchangeable with those of the other brands, unlike most of the other standard pens nowadays. The tank of the device makes use of wick and coil cartomizer. It can carry around 2 grams of concentrates, which can amount to about 400 puffs (that’s a lot of puff!). One of the best features of this particular pen-style vaporizer is its carrying case – it’s more of a small cigarette-style carrying case rather than the zippered ones that almost always come with standard pens. Aside from being FDA-registered, the device gives really great pulls and delivers extremely tasteful and smooth hits.

  • Materials – Stainless Steel Casing, Accents of Glass and Copper accents, Ceramic Bowl


  • Heating Component – Inert-Nickel, Aluminum-Alloy Coil


  • Can Be Used With – Glycerine, Concentrates